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360º Vipava. From the valley, over the edge of Gora plateau, where the north wind bora is born to the highest peaks over the Valley, through the dark woods, past small villages and across the fertile wine growing hills.

We are announcing the 4th  Ultra-Trail® Vipava Valley. Runners can choose from 3 distances: 100 km, 50 km and 30 km, all of them offering unforgettable challenge and experience: breathtaking views, spring scents and flavors and hospitable locals.

The most persistent will start 100 km trail and run a circle around the Valley. Ultra trail Vipava Valley starts in Ajdovščina and climbs to Gora, from the highest peaks it offers beautiful views of the Adriatic sea to the heart of the Alps. It passes deep Trnovo forest and descends down to the valley.

Before the ascend to the southern slopes of the Vipava valley is joined by a 50-kilometer trail and continues through the vineyards and orchards, just in right time for tasting first cherries.

Shortest, 30-kilometer route completes a circle around Vipava valley with steep ascent to Nanos, running through the forest and downhill towards the finish line just above Vipava

Lets run 100 Ultra-Trail Vipava Valley!

 228 days to the race.

Track: 30 km, 50 km, 100 km

Vipava Valley